The wonders of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina – the land of rivers, lakes, mountains and nature. What is something that can make you decide on a whim to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina?

03 - Jablanicko lake Bosnian - Jablanicko jezero different view

How about Bosnia’s lakes and rivers? The natural blend of water and land is something that’s been unmistakably beautiful to any eye, and no beholder can say otherwise. Especially in today’s time where natural land-and-water fusions are increasingly scarce.

04 - Jablanicko lake Bosnian - Jablanicko jezero

Bosnia may not be the most economy impressive country, and the locals will not try to dispute that, but they will sell you on character – the nature is accompanied by friendly faces on every corner. Everyone is ready to help you at any time and will surely try to provide even further assistance, when details aren’t enough.

08 - Jajce castle

All in all, whoever has been to Bosnia hasn’t been left dissapointed. Just remember to take in the whole experience – go rafting on Neretva, relax on our mountains and at our lakes, have fun exploring the streets of Sarajevo and make new friends. Some of the friendliest people await you here, after all.

12 - Lake Modrac jezero Modrac different view


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